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Summer Fairs


There are so many aspects to my job…getting up at the crack of dawn to go to Antique Fairs and brocantes in Britain, America and France in the search for the unexpected, the pretty and the practical. Working out how much I can afford to pay, whether there’s a profit to be made, then deciding where to sell and how to display it, the fun of marketing and publicising through social channels and word of mouth. The hours of cleaning, repairing and washing and ironing. The quizzical look on my husband’s face when I ask him to cram way too much stock into a family sized car! So many months go into the planning and then it’s the execution…the day when your stall is set up and you are praying and hoping that it all has been worthwhile and you lovely people will come by and say ‘oh, I love that…please can I buy it!’

Well one of those days is almost upon us, the stellar Country Brocante which takes place on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th June at Parham House in Sussex, please see for tickets and details. This is a beautiful Summer Fair and so worth coming along to see the quality of style and the breadth of content. It is a feast for the senses.

I am bringing along some gorgeous things…quilts from American, confit pots from France, paintings, vintage Sanderson fabric, pretty but practical tables and so much more.

Then in July it will be the fabulous Barnes Fair on Barnes Common in SW London on Saturday 13 July. Will give you more info nearer the time as I must get the car packed for Sussex! Hope to see you there. Love Dorothy x

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